From antipasti to chicken parmigiana to finally getting your dessert, our restaurant staff is dedicated to bringing you the rich taste of Italian Cuisine. At Famiglia, our chef bring quality Italian casual fine dining that highlights the flavors of Greenville, NC. Join us for dinner to experience our commitment to you.


Mozzarella Wedges

Breaded and fried. 11

Fried Calamari

Served with marinara. 11

Famiglia Sampler

Potato croquettes, mozzarella wedges, fried ravioli, and meatballs. 15


Traditional or boneless / mild, BBQ, teriyaki, sweet chili, honey BBQ, honey mustard, reaper hot Sm.. 12 Lg…16

Potato Croquettes

Breaded fried mashed potatoes 10


Pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, balsamic glaze & basil 13

Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushroom caps stuffed with sausage & cream cheese mixture, topped with breadcrumbs. 13

Fried Ravioli

Stuffed with four cheeses 11

Jalapeno Poppers

Cream cheese stuffed and deep fried 10


Add grilled chicken 5 or shrimp 5

Caesar Salad

Romaine, Caesar dressing, croutons, and grated parmesan. 7

Spinach Salad

Topped with red onions, olives, tomato, & bacon  8

House Salad

Mixed greens, cucumbers, zucchini, tomato, carrots, pickled onions 7


Cup 3, Bowl 6

Italian Chicken Soup

Acini di pepe, carrots, celery, onions, chicken

Soup of the Day


Butternut Ravioli

Ravioli stuffed with butternut squash, ricotta, & mozzarrella in alfredo 16

Grilled Chicken Alfredo

Served over fettuccine 17

Penne Alla Vodka

Penne, pancetta, peas, and red pepper, vodka sauce  14

add chicken 5, sausage 3

Seafood Fra Diavolo

Spaghetti, shrimp, mussels, clams, spicy marinara. 19
Feel free to add calamari 5, breaded oysters 3, crab 8

Shrimp Scampi

Spaghetti, shrimp, garlic, butter, lemon, red pepper, tomato, white wine sauce 16

Fried Flounder

Fried flounder, coleslaw, and fries. 18

Add shrimp 5, breaded oysters 3, calamari 5

Marsala Plates

Floured & pan seared, topped with mushrooms, and marsala 16
Chicken 13 and veal 18 served over linguine
Pork Chop 16 served over mashed potatoes

Meat Lasanga

Homemade lasagana with our meat sauce and plenty of cheese  15

Parmesan Plates

Served over spaghetti.

Eggplant 13

Chicken 15

Veal 18

Shrimp 17

Fish and Chips

Beer battered cod and fries 13

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Rosemary mushrooms served over parmesan risotto 16

Meat Lasagna

Homemade lasagna with meat sauce and cheese 15

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Tossed in our homemade marinara 14

Short Rib Ravioli

Tossed in a homemade creamy red wine sauce 17

Bourbon Glazed Pork Chops

Served with choice of side 18



(Plain Cheese $15)

Regular Toppings

Pepperoni, Bacon, Sausage, Green Peppers, Canadian Bacon, Onions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Pineapple, Banana Peppers, Black Olives 2

Premium Toppings

Shrimp, Meatballs, Italian Sausage, Chicken, Feta, Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Ricotta, Green Olives, Kalamata Olives 3


Supreme Pizza

Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Onion, & Black Olives 24

Grecian Pizza

Our cheese pizza loaded with Spinach, Feta, Garlic, Fresh Tomatoes, and Kalmata Olives 22

Meat Lovers

Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Sausage, and Bacon 24


Pineapple, bacon, and Canadian bacon. 18

White Pizza

Ricotta, Mozzarella, garlic 20


Dough stuffed with ham, mozzarella & ricotta  10 


Dough stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, marinara, mozzarella  10


Broccolini 5, Croquettes 5, Side Salad 2, Brussels & Pancetta 5, Mashed Potatoes 3, Crab Mac & Cheese 10, French Fries 3


Cannoli   3,  Cheesecake 6,   Tiramisu 6, Chocolate Tuxedo Cake 10, Carrot Cake 6


(Served with fries)

Tuna Burger
Sashimi grade tuna steak topped with house aioli, slaw, lettuce, and tomato 15

Steak, grilled green peppers, grilled onions, mozzarella, mayo, lettuce, tomato 13

Parmesan Hoagie
Choice of meatballs, fried chicken or eggplant topped with marinara & mozzarella 13

Italian Hoagie
Ham, genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone, mayo, lettuce, onions, tomato, oil/vinegar 13

Chicken Philly
Grilled Chicken, grilled peppers, grilled onions, mozzarella, mayo, lettuce, tomato 13

Spicy Chicken Wrap
Fried chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, Cajun seasoning, ranch, lettuce, tomato 13


Pasta & Marinara 6

add meatballs 1

Pasta Alfredo 8

Chicken Tenders 8

Grilled Cheese  6

Lasagna  8

Bottled Beer


Miller Light
Bud Light
Michelob Ultra
Rolling Rock


Corona Extra
Stella Artois
Red Stripe

Signature Drinks

The Godfather

Amaretto and Dewar’s White Label 10

Famiglia Cider

Crown Apple, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Apple Juice 9


Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Tanqueray Gin 9

Aperol Spritz

Prosecco, Aperol, and soda 9