Interested with having a cocktail instead of wine or beer with your meal at Famiglia Italian American Restaurants in Greenville, NC? Our restaurants are proud to offer a full service bar not serving up beer and wine, but fresh cocktails for our patrons in both Greenville, NC and Pitt County, NC. In Famiglia’s cozy and welcoming atmosphere get the perfect compliment to your meal, whether that’s a glass of red wine or one of our custom cocktails. Our servers are happy to help you pair the perfect cocktail with your dish when you dine in with us. Although, if you want to go ahead and start thinking about it, here is our quick guide to pairing cocktails with Italian dishes.

1. Craving Seafood?

If you want a nice seafood dish, try a cocktail with gin or vodka. Infused with juniper and other botanicals, a gin cocktail plays well against the briny sweetness of most shrimp and prawn based dishes like our Seafood fra Diavolo or Shrimp scampi.  In addition, vodka is a very versatile spirit present in a variety of cocktails with a flavor mild enough to pair with most seafood dishes.

2. Feeling Spicy?

Just as zinfandel goes with spicier dishes, so does tequila. Of course, we’re not saying to go with a margarita, but a flavorful mixed drink like a Paloma or a Tequila Sunrise may go great with some of our spicier dishes. Ask our servers about a tequila based cocktail to go with one of our hotter dishes like our Antipasto Plate, Seafood fra Diavolo, or one of our spicier slices of Pizza.

3. Eating Something Salty or Fatty?

If you’re eating a richer dish that’s salty or fatty, rum and bourbon are great choices. Lighter golden rums with lime squeezed in can cut right through dishes like Rib Eye Steak, Lasagna, or a Meat Lovers Pizza. In addition, the smoky taste of bourbon, especially in a well made Manhattan, could go very well with our steak dishes. Also, a bourbon drink could go great with the dark chocolate of our Chocolate Tuxedo Cake.

Ready to Have Dinner?

Of course, the best way to figure out what food goes with what cocktails is by trying it. Stop by Famiglia Italian Restaurants to try it for yourself. Whether you’re interested in a slice of NY Pizza, a hearty italian soup, or a plate of pasta— we invite you to sit down and enjoy. Bring the whole family, take a seat, and let us take care of you. If you’re interested in learning more or in catering in Greenville, NC and Pitt County, don’t hesitate to contact us.