Famiglia is an Italian-American restaurant in Greenville, NC. At Famiglia, we know it’s all about good food and time spent with family and friends. That’s why we offer a variety of tasty Italian-American cuisine as well as a full bar and catering services.

This Thanksgiving, close that hot stove, throw your crumb-covered apron in the wash, and relax, because we are catering a Thanksgiving feast for you! At Famiglia, our catering services are perfect for  both events big and small. We know that Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for the hosts in charge, so why not let us cook for you?

Our catering services allow you to create a custom menu that will fill and delight all of your guests. We can even bring a chef to your home if you need us to!

So, why cater instead of cook?
Well, first of all, it takes the stress off of you. You won’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn just to spend the day sweating over the stove.
Secondly, it allows you to spend time with your loved ones instead of being cooped up in the kitchen.
Thirdly, it takes away the mess to clean up! Yes, that’s right, no pots to scrub or pans to soak.
Last of all, we can provide a delicious twist to the traditional Thanksgiving menu. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza and pasta? Your guests are sure to be satisfied with what’s on the menu this year.

For all of your catering needs, contact us at Famiglia, your first choice for Italian-American restaurants in Greenville, NC.