Working in catering for weddings and events all over Greenville and Pitt County, NC, we deal with this question almost every day:

“How much food do I need?”

With our years of experience, just by talking with the customer we can usually figure out how much food is necessary. For those without that experience though, it can be difficult. With that in mind, here’s our handy guide.


When it comes to appetizers, you want about 6 tasting bits per person, if it is served before the meal. If the appetizer is a meal itself, you want about 4-6 tasting bites per hour, if it is served as one meal.


When you’re thinking about entrees to order, it depend on the type of food you’re serving. Here’s how it breaks down for different types of food:

  • Poultry, Meat, or Fish: 6-8 oz. per person
  • Rice or Grains: 1.5 oz. per person
  • Potatoes: 5 oz. per person
  • Veggies and Fruit: 4 oz. per person
  • Green Salad: 1 oz. per person


Whether the party is going to be dry or not, you have to think about the beverages. Depending on the type, you’ll have to order different amounts. Here’s how much you should order for each:

  • Wine: 1 bottle for 2 people for a 2 hour party
  • Beer: 2 bottles per person first hour, 1 bottle every hour afterwards
  • Soft Drinks and Juices: 3 8 oz. glasses per guest
  • Water: 1 liter for every 3 guests


For desserts, remember to account for 1 slice of cake or tart per person and 5 ox of icecream per person. If the icecream is being served with cake, you can reduce the amount of icecream by half.

Other Helpful Tips

There are a couple more things you should remember when it comes to planning your next party:

  • When you’re buying wine, make sure to purchase more white wine than red wine
  • Use bulk items like rolls, chips, cheese, or olives to cushion against under-serving
  • Remember to always round up when you’re estimating
  • Make sure to order more of the items you think will be more popular, like spring rolls or crab cakes
  • Have a loyal friend you can call if food reserves somehow get low

Need More Help?

Of course those are just a couple things to account for when it comes for planning catering in Pitt County. Whether you need wedding catering in Greenville, NC or food for any other type of event, Famiglia will custom cater your next event! We will even bring the Chef if needed! If you’re interested in catering, call us at 252-477-4883 or fill out our contact form.