Famiglia is an Italian-American restaurant in Greenville, NC. At Famiglia, we know it’s all about good food and time spent with family and friends. That’s why we offer a variety of tasty Italian-American cuisine as well as a full bar and catering services.

Recently, the Keto diet has become increasingly popular. With a diet high in fat and protein and low in carbs, you might think that an Italian restaurant is not for you, but that’s not true. Sure, you can’t have pizza or pasta on the Keto diet, but we have a number of other equally delicious options that you can enjoy while sticking to your Keto diet plan.

For an appetizer, you can start out with a plate of buffalo wings, an antipasto platter, or a caprese plate. Each of these feature low-carb, Keto friendly choices to begin your meal. After that, enjoy one of our salads; we recommend our spinach salad, which features a plate piled high with baby spinach, red onions, olives, tomatoes, and chopped bacon, all with a side of our delicious homemade balsamic vinaigrette. 

When it’s time for an entree, we have a number of delicious, Keto-friendly options for you. Try our 12 ounce ribeye steak, and just sub out the mashed potato for one of our other yummy sides like our brussel sprouts and pancetta. Not in the mood for a steak? How about our tasty Southern BBQ pork chop, which is one of our chef’s favorites!

If you’re on a Keto diet, don’t feel like you have to avoid Italian restaurants. We offer a variety of delicious, Keto-friendly options that will help you stick your diet while still enjoying mouth watering food.  So, come to see us at Famiglia Restaurant in Greenville, NC today.