Famiglia is an Italian-American restaurant in Greenville, NC. At Famiglia, we know it’s all about good food and time spent with family and friends. That’s why we offer a variety of tasty Italian-American cuisine as well as a full bar and catering services.

If your new year’s resolution is to eat healthier, you don’t have to stay at home with a celery stick. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy a dinner out with your friends and family without breaking your diet. Here are some of the diet-friendly options at Famiglia:

  • If you’re on the increasingly popular Keto diet, the antipasto plate is a great choice for you. It’s piled high with meat and cheese: two of the staples of a Keto diet. You also can’t go wrong with our Ribeye Steak or our Harvest Prime Pork Chops for Keto-friendly options.
  • Our salads are not only delicious but also a diet friendly option for many different diets. With a number of fresh ingredients and a selection of homemade dressings, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds without breaking your diet.
  • If you’re here for brunch, we’ve got you covered there too, with our selection of protein-rich and delicious omelets and frittatas!

Whether you’re counting calories or carb intake, there’s something to please your palate on Famiglia’s menu. So, come see us today in Greenville, NC!