Working in catering in Greenville, NC, Winterville, NC, and surrounding areas, we help businesses throw business lunches all year long. Whether it’s for strategizing with your colleagues, making a deal, or learning new skills, it’s important that you make the best possible impression. With that in mind, here are 3 tips from our experts on how to plan an even better one.

1. Set a Clear Schedule

It’s important that you set a strict and clear schedule so that food can be set up and ready for you and your co-workers. Also, if it’s part of a larger conference, make sure lunch is built into the day’s overall agenda.

2. Think About Food Choice

Because you know you’re going to be talking a lot, it’s important to pick foods that are easy to eat and not too messy. It’s also important to go for lighter selections. In addition, know your co-worker’s dietary needs; make sure you have gluten-free and vegetarian options so no one is left out.

3. Consider Prep and Clean Up

You want the lunch to look as great as it possibly can, so if you’re having lunch catered to your meeting room, make sure you set up prep and clean up that takes place outside of the room. In addition, it’s also a great idea to consider having lunch set up in a different room.

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