At Famiglia Italian American Restaurant, we work all year long in wedding catering all over Greenville and Pitt County, NC. We are happy to work with couples to help them create the reception experience they need. After you’ve set your wedding date, finding a place to hold your reception and speaking to a caterer should be your priority. In fact, many venues are booked over a year in advance. That being said, before you meet your caterer, you should have a list of questions prepared. With that in mind, here are 20 questions to keep on hand:

  1. What are your menu options?
  2. Does wine come with this menu choice? Does wine come with an extra fee?
  3. What is the spending minimum?
  4. Do you have a cancellation policy?
  5. What is your needed payment schedule?
  6. How many appetizers do you prepare per guest?
  7. What different styles of catering do you have?
  8. Do I need to find servers or are they provided?
  9. Is there a cake cutting fee?
  10. What fees should we anticipate being added to the bill?
  11. When do you need the final guest headcount?
  12. Will you be providing all the napkins, tablecloths, tables, chairs, plates, silverware and glasses?
  13. What does your typical reception look like? How is the flow?
  14. When do you need the meal selections completed?
  15. What deposit is needed?
  16. Can you provide vegetarian or kosher meals? Can you handle all other special dietary requests?
  17. What are your kid-friendly meal options?
  18. Are evening prices different than daytime prices?
  19. Who is my point of contact?
  20. How far in advance of the event do you need the venue for set-up?

Need Wedding Catering in Greenville, NC?

Now that you have all those questions on hand, you’re ready to begin the look for a caterer whose strengths mesh with your wedding plans. Of course, we expect you to look at a variety of caterers before you make your final choice, but we definitely recommend you seek the help of Famiglia Italian American Restaurant. If Italian food is what you crave for your reception, trust our staff to make it a great experience.

Of course, those are just a couple things to account for when it comes to planning catering in Pitt County. Whether you need wedding catering in Greenville, NC or food for any other type of event, Famiglia will custom cater your next event! We will even bring the Chef if needed! If you’re interested in catering, call us at 252-477-4883 or fill out our contact form.